Our role in representing the diagnostic testing industry is threefold:

  1. Our role in protecting the nation from lockdowns: We are not out of the woods yet. While there is the potential for dangerous new variants, there is still the need for surveillance testing. As the Government moves away from free testing and eases restrictions, consumers and businesses will continue to want access to tests and the independent testing sector is the only line of defence in protecting the nation from lockdowns.
  2. Our role in reducing the NHS backlog: The UK is now a world leader in diagnostic testing, and with six million people in England alone waiting for care – a list that could increase to 14 million – we are perfectly placed to support the Government in reducing the diagnostic testing backlog.
  3. Our role in supporting a national revolution in diagnostic testing: Supported by the independent testing sector, the NHS has the potential to sit behind a modern revolution in diagnostic testing for preventative care, one where personal healthcare is personally managed and where everyone gets the level of healthcare that they need – long before they get ill.