Five ways that LTIO membership could be helping your business today:

  1. Join the top table
    Membership of the LTIO includes membership of our Advisory Board for the leader of your organisation. Led by our Chair, former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party Tom Watson, these regular meetings facilitate top-level discussions with peers on the industry issues that count right now. Your scientific experts may also join our Scientific Advisory Board, chaired by Dr Tony Cooke.
  2. Stay informed
    We monitor the key issues – Covid-19, the NHS backlog, regulation – that matter to our members, and share regular updates. This includes the news media, but also political insights. We have strong relationships with the DHSC, UKHSA, MPs and officials, allowing us to share insights into the changing political landscape and decisions that impact the diagnostics sector.
  3. Be represented
    We represent the interests of our members and the broader industry at the highest levels, allowing us to set up meetings with those influential political, governmental and regulatory bodies and individuals on issues of industry-wide importance. Our members often join these meetings to share our voice.
  4. Get in the media
    We have great contacts within the national, broadcast and trade media, meaning that we frequently provide our members with opportunities to represent the industry to journalists on news sites and on TV and radio, to grow their visibility.
  5. Show your value
    Membership of the LTIO is limited to only those companies that have a minimum Trust Pilot score of 3.5. Our members can point to that as a badge of quality – and our members are also recommended on the Government’s website – here: