Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation

LTIO publishes ‘strengthened and more robust’ Code of Conduct

The Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation (LTIO) has released a new Code of Conduct that reflects the growing range of non-COVID diagnostic testing and laboratory services available. The new Code has a robust set of ethical standards that should be standard for any diagnostics provider offering services to consumers or businesses. This comes at the same time as the LTIO is offering to use its laboratories to help clear the NHS backlog.

The LTIO launched in September 2021 with a mission to establish a new mark of quality to ensure that member companies met the highest standards of quality and customer service. LTIO members provide trustworthy testing services to consumers and businesses.

The LTIO believes that continued COVID testing remains an important tool to ensure the country can react speedily to any new variants and for individuals to protect themselves from the virus. But the LTIO is also calling on the Government to recognise the potential for the testing sector to support its work in reducing the diagnostic testing backlog, alongside a national revolution in diagnostic testing.

The LTIO has created a new Code to place a stronger emphasis on standards and ethics needed for laboratories that are providing COVID and non-COVID diagnostic tests.

The revised Code of Code includes sections on diagnostic products, pricing, regulations, as well as clauses on general ethical conduct.

Members will observe this version of the Code of Conduct effective immediately and must also behave in the spirit of the Code and not just to the letter of the Code.

The updated Code of Conduct can be found here.

Tom Watson, Chair, The Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation, said:

“Our members stepped up during the pandemic to keep Britain operating safely and there was an urgent need to clamp down on rogue providers and establish a robust testing framework. Our members have enabled Britons to work, travel, and see their loved ones safely.

“With the threat of the pandemic easing, our focus has shifted to the future of the diagnostics industry. Our members have the capability and capacity to help clear the NHS backlog. There are currently 1.4 million people waiting for a diagnostic test, and our members are ready to step in and support the Government’s mission to clear the backlog.”

“In order to provide the nation with better health outcomes, we are presenting a strengthened and more robust Code of Conduct to help revitalise the diagnostics industry.”