Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation

LTIO calls on Government to extend the Production Restart Scheme

London – 29 April 2022

The Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation (LTIO) has called on the Government to extend the Film and TV Production Restart Scheme which is due to end on the 30th of April. The scheme, which provides COVID related insurance has been a critical part to enable the UK film and TV productions to keep operating during the pandemic.

Tom Watson, LTIO Chair believes that extending the scheme would be a sensible step:

“We are deeply concerned that the Production Restart Scheme is coming to an end, leaving production companies with no other options for COVID insurance on offer from the private sector. The scheme has been a fundamental part of the boom in film and TV production in the UK over the past two years. As the Government has increased the fee production companies have to pay to be part of the PRS, it is highly likely that the Treasury could even make a profit over the coming months. Without this scheme in place, it will leave many production units, especially the smaller companies, completed exposed to financial risk from even a small interruption in filming as a result of a COVID outbreak.

“This scheme has been a lifeline for the film and TV industry and has been integral to their success. It has allowed the industry to continue operating safely over the past two years. Without the scheme shows such as Peaky Blinders would have not been possible.

“The Government rightly stepped in and helped the industry to get back up and running at the start of the pandemic. Withdrawing its support at a precarious moment when COVID cases are still running at high levels will be a damaging blow for this vital sector.”