Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation

LTIO warns against abandoning testing requirements for international travel

A spokesperson for the Laboratory and Testing Industry Organisation (LTIO) said: “The LTIO is concerned by reports in the Daily Mail yesterday that the Government will consider scrapping Covid tests for all travellers in January. As we enter the critical winter period, there are significant risks to a complete removal, not least a fresh wave of infections that is forcing many countries across Europe back into lockdown. We know from Autumn 2020 that increased case rates on the continent can quickly impact the UK, and abandoning testing completely would prevent us from identifying infections coming into the country, and surrender our ability to detect new variants. Ahead of the travel review in January, the LTIO is committed to working with the Government to improve the UK’s testing regime and is urging the industry to ensure all positive tests are followed up with a confirmatory PCR that is sequenced for new variants. Only then can we protect the progress achieved by the vaccine rollout.”